about molps

Scientific Board

Li Felländer-Tsai Professor of orthopaedics, senior consultant at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. Ulf Pettersson Ulf Pettersson, senior professor of medical genetics at the University of Uppsala. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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Board of Directors

Malin Philipson  M.A. Uppsala University, freelance journalist Andreas Philipson Master of Science Construction and Management, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola. Harvard Business School Executive Program, CEO at TAM Group AB. Claes Felländer Advokat, Member of the Swedish Bar Association

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Our collaboration with Tostan

Tostan is a three-year nonformal education program that puts rural communities in charge of their own futures. Tostan helps communities develop their own vision for development using an approach based on the knowledge that human rights and responsibilities is the foundation for learning. Information is shared in a non-judgmental way and in the local language.

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About Lennart Philipson

»He Left A Strong Legacy.« – He was a talented, charismatic person who attracted the best scientists of a whole generation. He left a strong legacy in the places where he worked, says Ulf Pettersson, colleague of the late professor Lennart Philipson, the eminent virologist/ microbiologist and cofounder (with his wife Malin) of the Malin and

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About Malin Philipson

Malin Philipson: Enabling Elites and Empowering Communities – Without elites, science could not have made progress. But equally important is empowering the common people on the ground to manage their own destinies, says Malin Philipson, the no-nonsense Chair of the Malin and Lennart Philipson Foundation. Malin Philipson is the lifetime companion of the late Professor

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