About the scholarship

In memory of Professor Lennart Philipson, the Board of the Malin and Lennart Philipson Foundation awarded a Prize and grant for molecular biomedical research. The Prize alternated biannually between Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and Uppsala University.

The aim was to help young, promising scientists to establish an independent research group after their postdoc training.

The grant sum was SEK 1 million per year for two years, including a personal prize during the first year of SEK 50,000. Apart from the researcher’s scientific merits, the award also recognised the ability as a leader to establish a strong research group.

Ulf Pettersson, Senior Professor in medical genetics at Uppsala University and member of the Board comments.

– There is a sad tradition in Sweden to give insufficient grants to scientists early in their careers. This grant thus represents quite a substantial contribution to a young researcher.

– It should go to someone who is promising but has not yet realized their full research potential. This is one of the most effective efforts a foundation can make with a limited budget.

– Apart from the research talents we like to award leadership skills. In Sweden there are many good researchers, but we also need strong research leaders, who establish institutions and traditions with ripple effects on society.