»Without elites, science could not have made progress. But equally important is empowering the common people on the ground to manage their own destinies« – Malin Philipson
»He Left A Strong Legacy« – He was a talented, charismatic person who attracted the best scientists of a whole generation. He left a strong legacy in the places where he worked, says Ulf Pettersson
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The Lennart Philipson award and grant goes to young scientists in biomedicine who want to start their own group after having finished postdoctoral studies.

Watch the full documentary about Lennart Philipson here.

»We may not live in the best of all worlds – 
but certainly in one of the most interesting«

Gösta Frick


In 2022, the Malin and Lennart Philipsons Foundation has granted the following donations

Dr Matthias Ekström, Karolinska Institutet The donation refers to the research project "The transition from hypertension to hypertensive heart disease and heart failure: the PREFERS Hypertension study". Stiftelsen Hjärtat (The Heart Foundation) The donation refers to a grant to finance 4 months' paid working time for a clinical researcher / Read more

Volker Lauschke

We have developed novel 3D tissue models that accurately reflect the biology and function of human liver. Furthermore, we ANALYZED the pharmacogenomic landscape in 130,000 individuals and found that previously unappreciated rare genetic variants in drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters contribute 30-40% to differ inter-individual differences in drug response. Scientific Read more

Erik Norberg Awarded Grant from the Swedish Cancer Society

Erik Norberg was awarded a 2.3 million SEK project grant from Cancerfonden and a 6-year Young Investigator position from the same foundation. These grants are a direct continuation of his previous work supported focusing on understanding the metabolic regulation in cancer.   Read more